FR - The Brand

FR is a skater owned brand with the philosophy to create high-quality products made by skaters, for skaters. The original concept was born in Paris, France back in 2006 by Sebastien Laffargue and Gregoire Pinto, who had a vision of what Freeride skates should be - high performance hardshell boots providing comfort, versatility and durability. With all of these elements combined, extreme attention to details and a little bit of French style, the FR boot was born and it has grown to become a worldwide success. Now is the time for the FR to become its own brand and keeping in line with its roots, these boots will guide you along the way of your skating journey. FR will continue to push the limits of skating and create new standards within our industry.

Sebastien Laffargue

Sebastien Laffargue began to skate as a child in Paris and entered his first inline skating competition back in 1996. He competed in a number of events and ended up winning some of the biggest contests throughout the years, however he became famous worldwide thanks to his online videos, showcasing his stylish moves and new ways of doing freestyle tricks. Sebastien has participated in a wide variety of styles of inline such as freestyle and speed slalom, road and bobtrack downhill, skate-cross, free jump, slides, freeride and speed, giving him a greater understanding and knowledge of all different types of skating. A new era for the inline industry began when in 2005, Sebastien’s very first pro model boot was released.

Gregoire Pinto

Gregoire Pinto is one of Sebastien’s best friends who had competed and travelled the globe by his side on skates. He had many years of experience working in sales and product development for the inline industry. In 2006 he partnered with Sebastien, combining their knowledge, experience and ideas resulting in the FR concept. Together, Sebastien and Greg with their team continue to develop and innovate by providing skaters with a wide variety of products to have fun in the streets as well as succeed at the highest levels of competition.

FR Skates
By using your FR Skates, you are supporting the rolling community. When you invest in FR products, you are helping us give back into programs and develop disciplines worldwide that you can join and participate. As well, you are supporting riders that you look up to and inspire you with their skating. Our goal is to allow you to discover your own vision on wheels, to be part of a worldwide community and to showcase what can be done on your FR Skates.